Living Health Natural Medicine

Privacy Policy:

I consent to the gathering of my health information for the purpose of naturopathic care, case analysis and treatment. I understand that my health information is kept confidential, held in a secure way and for my practitioner’s access only. If there is to be sharing of information for the purpose of mentoring or professional supervision I authorise my practitioner to disclose anonymous information (i.e. no name, date of birth, contact information will be shared) related to my care and treatment to other practitioners for the purposes of clinical supervision and for the benefit of my care and treatment.

A third party may lawfully request information if there is a risk of harm to others or myself. I have a right to access my files or have them forwarded to an accredited practitioner via written request. If access to health data poses a serious threat to a person’s health or life, it will be denied. I will provide my practitioner with up-to-date, complete and accurate health information for the purpose of complete naturopathic care. My practitioner will ensure these records are kept current. If I feel there are issues with privacy of my information I will first discuss with my practitioner and I have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner.