As a business woman, practitioner and mother, coupled with a background of working many years in the corporate arena, travelling the world, working as a cook in a health food restaurant plus a childcare facility – Zoe has an enhanced understanding and appreciation of the basic and complex needs of healthy and connected living. This awareness illuminates the importance of honouring and nurturing the body in such a way that works with the natural rhythms and cycles of life rather than against them.

Zoe teaches nutrition and biochemistry subjects through Southern Cross University and Evolve College on a casual basis. In addition to this Zoe presents on nutrition and well-being for the general public and community organisations.

Zoe has two teenage children to whom she is dedicated to parenting rather than letting the world ‘bring them up’ and the family have two dogs (which is like having extra children)! She offers her wealth of lived experience combined with her formal education to offer supportive and practical support for all health issues.