Therese is a qualified Metascan Practitioner and a university-trained Naturopath who utilises traditional Western Herbal Medicine coupled with modern scientifically validated supplements & functional testing.

Since finishing her Naturopathic degree, Therese has been working as a Naturopath in a busy local Apothecary (Herbal Dispensary). This has offered her the opportunity to gain experience in treating many health conditions from acute colds and flu’s to more chronic conditions such as thyroid & hormonal issues, autoimmunity, allergies, eczema, asthma, mental/emotional health, cardiovascular and digestive issues.

 Therese is a mother of 2 who understands the importance of finding balance in a busy life. She will work with you to find the treatment plan that best suits you

How Therese works:

Although Therese believes that ultimately food is the best medicine, sometimes we need extra support for varying reasons, whether it’s due to genetic variances, injury recovery or just keeping up with a busy lifestyle. Therese will use individually formulated herbal blends to gently guide your body to recovery or help you cope with the pressures of modern living.

Therese also uses nutritional and herbal supplements, which come in a number of forms depending on your personal preference (powder, tablet, capsule).

Therese believes in educating her clients so that they understand why she is asking them to take these supplements or make these changes rather than simply following instructions. Some changes will be easier than others and Therese encourages open discussions on what does or does not work for you, there is always an alternative solution.

We are all individuals and we will all respond differently to our food, lifestyle, medication, environment and Therese feels that it is her job to help you discover the correct path that works best for you in helping you to reach your health goals.