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Living Health-Natural Medicine is founded on a genuine love for humanity and passion for supporting people to live and express their optimal health.

We all come with life experiences that have shaped us. Some qualities and experiences we may value and others we may not. The external presentation of ones-self is a part of our health picture; however, it is our inner most qualities, that when lived and expressed are foundational to true health. Our innermost essence is the same as another’s and it is this understanding of equal-ness, despite the external physical and mental differences, that is foundational to Living Health-Natural Medicine.

The soil in which good health seeds from is self-love. Honesty about our living choices promotes awareness about that which enhances or impedes health. Universal intelligence – the signs and symptoms from the body, reflect those choices, as supportive or unsupportive to expansive good health. With this understanding, we become our own ‘doctor’.

Living Health-Natural Medicine is health-CARE dedicated to bringing a holistic service in which well-being is understood as an interconnection of all parts of life, a flow and harmony of science, philosophy, psychology, art, community, nature and the cosmos.

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Naturopathy supports one’s own innate healing capacity and encourages optimal vitality, not simply functional wellness. In its essence, it is prevention medicine, however in today’s world it also first line illness and disease treatment, whilst integrating with modern medicine.

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Make a direct booking with Therese online. Her services include: initial consult, consult, Naturopathy, Bio Impedance Analysis. Her range of services offer a comprehensive integrated approach to restore true health and vitality.

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