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Offering nutritional, dietary, herbal and bodywork to support optimal vitality and well-being.

Therese Latta is a passionate Naturopathic Practitioner and Director of the Living Health – Natural Medicine clinic.


Living Health offers naturopathic treatment involving nutritional, dietary and herbal medicine to support optimal vitality and well-being.

In a world where illness and disease is an extremely complex process you will find Therese’s attention to detail coupled with her warmth and openness allows one to feel relaxed and comfortable in exploring the root causes of disease and illness.

Therese’s knowledge of medical science is central to the way she practices. Combine this with her understanding of lifestyle choices and how our emotions impact the body allows a true integrative approach to healing.

Therese has a strong foundation in pathology and functional testing analysis, her ability to clinically interpret and investigate each client’s biochemical and physiological make-up ensures treatment plans are truly individual.

Nutritional medicine and herbal medicine are used to address illness and disharmony in the body. Therese covers a broad range of health areas such as (but not limited to) digestive health, mental health, hormonal balance (both male and female), endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory health, functional testing, chronic infection and immune disorders.

Therese trained at the Southern Cross University.

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Naturopathy supports one’s own innate healing capacity and encourages optimal vitality, not simply functional wellness. In its essence, it is prevention medicine, however in today’s world it also first line illness and disease treatment, whilst integrating with modern medicine.

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Make a direct booking with Therese online. Her services include: initial consult, consult, Naturopathy, Bio Impedance Analysis. Her range of services offer a comprehensive integrated approach to restore true health and vitality.

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